WNE Visits Golden Bears in the Sunshine State

While Golden Bears can be found across the country, a vibrant pocket of WNE alumni keeps the University spirit alive throughout Florida.

To shorten the distance from Springfield to the southern coast, the WNE Advancement Division hosted five events across the Sunshine State in The Villages, New Smyrna Beach, Delray Beach, St. Petersburg, and Naples. President Johnson had the opportunity to meet alumni, swap stories and experiences, and discuss University initiatives. He shared with those in attendance that our current and future students are given an “agile-mind education, with personal exploration and growth,” thus preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow. President Johnson continued by acknowledging that current students can experience these benefits because of alumni legacy and philanthropy.

In addition to what current students experience on campus, President Johnson noted the growth of the University over the last few years, specifically highlighting this past fall’s first-year class that was 22% larger than previous years. Alongside the impressive post-graduation data, he emphasized the significance of social mobility, the impact of making personal connections with students, and the importance of fostering these aspects of the student experience so that students are equipped with the tools to navigate life after graduation.

This was the first time that WNE has traveled to Florida since before the pandemic. Vice President for Advancement Dean Hickey believes it is important to host events outside of New England for alumni not only to gather but also to understand the impact of their giving and the future direction of the University.