College of Business Launches FinTech + AI 413 Startup Launch Series

Western New England University’s FinTech Incubator (FTI) announces the WNE FinTech + AI 413 Startup Launch Series, an innovative program designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in financial technology (FinTech) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Startup Launch Series offers college students and aspiring entrepreneurs in Massachusetts a unique opportunity to transform their startup ideas into reality. Participants receive expert coaching, access to high-performance computing resources, and funding opportunities. The program’s aim is to immerse participants in the region’s vibrant FinTech ecosystem, leveraging the high-performance computing cluster at FTI.

“We are excited to invite individuals with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship to join us for the WNE FinTech + AI 413 Startup Launch Series,” said Dr. Charles Mutigwe, associate professor of Business Analytics at Western New England University. “Through personalized training by our esteemed faculty, corporate partners, and local nonprofits, participants will have the support they need to secure funding and turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures.”

The program features a series of events and activities to guide participants through every stage of the startup journey, including an Idea Jam, Elevator Pitch Camp, Elevator Pitch Contest, a six-week Summer Residential Fellowship, SOAR Show-and-Tell, and a Fall Demo Day.

Partnerships with WNE Advancement, WNE Division of Marketing & External Affairs, Alchemy Funds, and M. Scott Investments ensure a robust network of support for participants, enhancing their chances of success in the competitive startup landscape.