College of Business Hosts “How to Network on the Golf Course” Event with President Johnson

The WNE College of Business has introduced an innovative course titled “Introduction to Golf for Business Professionals,” offering students the unique chance to learn golf within an academic setting. This initiative, led by Dr. Sharianne Walker, dean of the College of Business, aims to equip students with networking skills and professional development through the game of golf.

Dr. Walker, inspired by her personal experiences as a young professional missing out on networking opportunities, designed the program to ensure students have maximum career advancement opportunities. The course includes four classroom sessions, beginning with an introductory lesson by Dr. Walker and followed by a session on networking on the golf course, taught by President Johnson. The program culminates with an on-course outing at Tekoa Country Club.

Dr. Johnson emphasized the value of golf for developing communication, networking, and mentorship skills, noting its unique ability to foster relationships in a professional context. He hopes other universities will adopt similar programs to bring people together and enhance professional development.

The course has already inspired students like Bella Giard, who started a women’s golf club at WNE to encourage more women to engage in the sport. Giard’s initiative reflects the program’s impact, demonstrating how golf can foster leadership and community among students.

This pioneering course at WNE prepares students for real-world success through innovative and practical learning experiences.