Governor Healey and Secretaries Hao, Jones, and Tutwiler visit WNE

Western New England University (WNE) recently hosted a distinguished delegation, including Governor Maura Healey and Secretaries Yvonne Hao (Economic Development), Lauren Jones (Labor & Workforce Development), and Patrick Tutwiler (Education). The visit was part of Healey’s Mass Leads Road Show, promoting the Mass Leads Act, which aims to boost Massachusetts’ economy by investing in advanced manufacturing and robotics.

Welcomed by WNE President Dr. Robert E. Johnson and other key figures, the delegation engaged in discussions and demonstrations highlighting WNE’s contributions to innovation and workforce development. Governor Healey praised the University’s role in driving technological advancements and training the future workforce.

The three major WNE projects showcased were the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Systems (CAMS) and Robotic Welding Technologies project: supported by a $1.1 million investment from the Healey-Driscoll Administration, this initiative aims to enhance regional manufacturing through advanced robotic welding technologies; the Northeast Microelectronics Coalition Hub (NEMC) participation: backed by $19.7 million in federal funding, this collaborative effort advances microelectronics research and workforce training; and the Quantum Computing infrastructure grant: a $999,000 grant from Massachusetts funds in partnership with UMass Boston, positioning WNE at the forefront of quantum research and education.

Dr. Johnson emphasized the importance of these investments in strengthening the state’s technology sector and the critical role of education in economic growth and workforce readiness. WNE remains committed to preparing graduates who make significant contributions to their communities and industries.