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Meet Roman Lee, a first-year student from Hartford, Connecticut, pursuing a 3+3 degree in Business and Law.

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Roman Lee, and I came to Western New England University as a Computer Science major but recently changed to the 3+3 program that will fast-track me to the WNE University School of Law. I come from a family where I’m one of seven siblings, and I’m the first to attend college. I grew up with so many people around me, and I credit them for making me want to be a better person — to help people — which is why I switched my major, so I can help those that might not be able to help themselves.

In addition to my studies and spending time with my family, I have started to make motivational videos that I share on social media to inspire people to continue working hard and achieving results. I am a strong believer that if you want something, you must go and do it in order to achieve it. I started doing this for myself as a self-motivator, but then I thought, if I could show people that their goals are achievable, and if all they needed was a little motivation, I could be that person.

Outside of the classroom, how do you spend your time and how are you involved on campus?

I really enjoy photography. I picked up this hobby by chance in high school, shooting athletic games and friends. I never imagined I would be a member of the University’s media team as a work-study student. In this role, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from those within the team and be exposed to different elements of photography that I hadn’t previously seen.

I also love basketball. I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old and played all through high school. This was the first year I didn’t play due to an injury my senior year, which pushed me out of love with the sport.

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However, taking time off and attending games this year as a photographer with the University Marketing team helped me realize that I was on the wrong side of the court. I am currently practicing with the team during their off-season with the goal of trying out next season.

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Why did you choose Western New England University?

I gravitated toward WNE after touring multiple institutions that didn’t feel right. After having a conversation with a guidance counselor, they recommended checking WNE out at the school’s college fair. I toured and submitted my application, and it was during my visit on Accepted Students’ Day that I knew this was the place for me. Everyone was nice, and there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm that made me want to be a part of it. Not only was the energy a factor, but WNE was also the only college that offered me financial support. I am the proud recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, a scholarship that I can receive every year if I maintain a 3.5 GPA.

Since arriving, that energy I experienced at Accepted Students’ Day has continued, between the support from my peer advisor Allison, who always reaches out with a text or greets me with a smile, to how inclusive the campus is — it’s very uplifting to be able to walk around campus and feel like no one is a stranger. That’s one of my favorite parts about this community, that no matter how different you are from the next person, you can count on the fact that you will be included and welcomed.

What are your goals after graduation?

I am hoping to help people, whether that’s as a personal injury lawyer like my father, or as a real estate agent — I will be taking the real estate license test this summer. I’ve seen firsthand the impact my dad and stepmom have on the people they help by owning their own law firm in Hartford, and I want to be able to do the same. And, who knows, maybe I can one day use both to accomplish that.

As you round out your first year, what are you excited about for the future, and what do you think you’ll change moving forward?

I can confidently say I am excited to no longer have to take 8 a.m. classes. Waking up for those was brutal. With college comes a lot of change, something I’m not adverse to. So, for me, trying to figure out the balance of fun, schoolwork, and downtime has been a struggle, but I’m starting to navigate that better. I found the best solution has been meeting people and surrounding myself with those that are positive and supportive. Next year, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to try out for the men’s basketball team, but as I look to the future, I’m excited for this opportunity to continue my education. I know that once I start that new chapter of life after graduation, my degree from WNE will help me achieve my goals.