WNE Wins Gold Award for Innovative Website Redesign

Western New England University (WNE) has achieved remarkable recognition, winning gold at the prestigious 11th Annual Education Digital Marketing Awards (EDMAwards) for its innovative website redesign. This award, from over a thousand entries, highlights WNE’s excellence in digital marketing and user experience in the education sector.

The redesigned website, a result of an eleven-month collaborative effort, showcases WNE’s commitment to enhancing its digital presence. It features a modern, engaging design, intuitive navigation, and dynamic content that captures the spirit of WNE. Key highlights include a program finder for easy exploration of academic offerings and multimedia showcases reflecting campus life and educational impact.

“Receiving the gold award at the EDMAwards is more than a recognition; it’s a testament to the strength, determination, and brilliance of the team behind this project,” says Vice President for Marketing & External Affairs Mercedes Maskalik. “It exemplifies WNE’s ability to not only meet but exceed expectations in branding, design, and user experience, solidifying its position as a leader in educational digital marketing.”