WNE Welcomes Cutting-edge Lambda Echelon GPU Clusters for FinTech Incubator

Western New England University (WNE) has welcomed Lambda, a leading computational solutions provider, and their cutting-edge Echelon cluster hardware to the heart of the WNE FinTech Incubator. This million-dollar supercomputer, made possible by a generous $1.37 million grant from MassTech, enhances WNE’s technological capabilities. Dr. Charles Mutigwe, leading the FinTech Incubator, emphasizes the significance of the Lambda Echelon GPU clusters in providing students hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology for real-world applications.

WNE College of Business Dean Sharianne Walker highlights the outstanding performance of the clusters, enabling students to tackle complex computational tasks, including AI and deep learning training. The FinTech Incubator, a hub for FinTech ecosystem advancement, will prepare students for AI/ML and FinTech careers through hands-on classes, local events, collaborations with startups, and sponsored research projects. Mutigwe notes that this addition significantly boosts the University’s capabilities in AI and machine learning workloads.

Lambda, known for innovative computational solutions, aligns with WNE’s mission to prepare students as work-ready and world-ready graduates in the dynamic technology field. The introduction of the Echelon GPU clusters further solidifies WNE’s commitment to providing exceptional opportunities for student learning and engagement with cutting-edge technologies.