Beverly Dwight’s Transformative Journey

Longstanding WNE VP for Advancement Retires

On June 30, 2023, Beverly Dwight, vice president for advancement, retired after an incredible career spanning nearly 24 years at Western New England University. Her retirement marks the end of an era, during which she played a pivotal role in elevating our University’s fundraising and alumni engagement efforts.

Dwight joined Western New England on September 13, 1999, with a clear mission in mind. She was brought in to set the stage for the University’s first-ever comprehensive campaign. “We had to build a team and build the infrastructure to launch a campaign, and we did. The campaign results exceeded our expectations, and it felt like we really had done something very special,” said Dwight as she reflected on her first campaign.

That first comprehensive campaign laid the foundation for future success, generating both momentum and excitement for Western New England University. With an unwavering commitment to excellence the support of her team, she went on to raise over $100 million in funds for WNE over the course of her career.

When Dwight first arrived in September of 1999, the program of philanthropy was relatively young. She succeeded by developing compelling strategies that resonated with donors, aligning their philanthropic desires with the University’s evolving needs.

One of Dwight’s guiding principles throughout her tenure was maintaining a high level of integrity in all endeavors. She emphasized the importance of not only achieving objectives, but also ensuring transparency and accountability in gift management and stewardship. “It was an honor to facilitate the philanthropic desires of our alumni and friends on behalf of Western New England,” she remarked.

While it is unusual for advancement professionals to remain in one position for as long as Dwight did, it was the steep trajectory of growth at Western New England University that kept her engaged throughout her tenure. The University was in the midst of significant growth, and it was a dynamic place to be. Dwight observed, “It was exciting. We added the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, we moved from being a College to a University, which was a huge shift in our brand, we added PhD programs.”

As the University evolved and expanded, the traditions remained. We were still recognizable as Western New England College, and at the same time, we’d grown and matured. Through it all, Dwight remained devoted to the mission, “It was a pleasure to work at Western New England. I was challenged all the time — challenged in a good way.”

Over the years, the University underwent substantial changes, but Dwight remained a steadfast advocate for our institution’s growth and traditions. She emphasized the importance of respecting individuals’ experiences with the University and building trusting relationships. As Dwight said, “We respected where people were coming from and we honored their experience with the University. In doing so, we held true to our job, which was to bring them with us in the direction that the University was going. It was most important to me that we build a trusting relationship where a healthy dialogue could be had about the University’s past and present.”

When asked what she will miss most about her time at Western New England, her answer was simple, “the people.” Dwight’s lasting legacy is built on trust, dedication, and the ability to create opportunities that match the interests and philanthropic desires of alumni and friends with the University’s needs.

Since her retirement, Dwight has embraced the opportunity to shape her own calendar. She is exploring many new and different interests, and she continues to challenge herself to learn and grow. She is trying new things, succeeding at some and not so much at others, but she is having fun. She faces this next exciting chapter of her life with the same enthusiasm that defined her career at Western New England University.

We celebrate the mark Beverly Dwight has left on Western New England University and express deepest gratitude for her unwavering commitment and dedication. Her legacy is a testament to what can be achieved when a passionate and dedicated individual works alongside an enthusiastic team.