WNE Professor of Biology Thomas Mennella Argues Against ChatGPT Ban in Classrooms

Western New England University Associate Professor of Biology Thomas Mennella has published an article defending the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in classrooms, titled “Why Banning ChatGPT in Class is a Mistake.” The article, which appears in Campus Technology, suggests that banning AI in the classroom would be a disservice to students, as it could be a valuable learning tool for facilitating engagement and the understanding of complex concepts.

Mennella acknowledges the concerns of some educators who worry that AI, specifically ChatGPT, could be used for plagiarism or to undermine critical thinking. However, he argues that with proper guidance, AI can be used to enhance students’ abilities to think critically and learn more effectively.

In the article, Mennella highlights that ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities could help students comprehend course materials by simplifying complex concepts. Additionally, ChatGPT could facilitate classroom discussions and provide personalized feedback to students.

Mennella also emphasizes the importance of teaching students how to edit, fact-check, and analyze AI-generated content. He suggests that educators should model, coach, and teach these skills, as they will be essential for the next generation. With proper guidance, AI can be a valuable tool for facilitating engagement, understanding, and critical thinking among students.