Sain Dini

Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Said Dini was hired at Western New England University in 1981, bringing with him research interests in heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solar energy, and HVAC systems, among others.

“He’s been really focused and devoted to energy and fluid mechanics; that’s his area of expertise,” said Dr. Mohammad Khosrojerdi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering. “Dr. Dini has been my colleague since 1981; he was hired a week before me, and not only is he one of my best professional friends, when it comes to teaching, but he is also one of my best family friends. He’s a family man, a man of faith, who is devoted to his wife and his two sons. And he’s been very, very successful.

“As for his character, based on my 41 years of experience, I’ve found him to be extremely professional—and the most kind-hearted human being you’ll ever find,” Dr. Khosrojerdi went on. “He tries to accommodate any requests coming from faculty members or students. He has to make tough decisions, and he’s so kind and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so he tries to help all of them, sometimes at a very high cost. He doesn’t say no.

“Ask anyone you want—they’ll say Dr. Dini is a very kind, respectful man, and he respects everybody,” Dr. Khosrojerdi concluded. “I envy him; I wish I had 50% of his characteristics.”