A Joyous Return to Campus

After a much-needed summer break, excitement abounded as our Golden Bears returned home for the fall semester. From our first-year students moving in for the first time to the seniors who were soaking up every second of their last year, the sights and sounds of a bustling campus were invigorating. The time-honored traditions of our campus, such as Convocation and the Student Activities Expo, were held again. Student programming sprawled across campus and seats in the University Commons were occupied. Things on campus were just as they should be. And most importantly, the opportunity to be together again united our campus in a way that gave us hope and revitalized our spirits.

Move-in day is a family affair!
Undergraduate Convocation was held on August 30 to celebrate the first day of classes and kick off the new academic year. Student Senate President Megan Hueras (L) encouraged first year students to make the most of their college experience.
President Robert E. Johnson greets our students on campus.
Advisor to the President Anne B. Sroka, Vice President for Enrollment Management Bryan Gross, and President Johnson serve up breakfast at the Pancakes with the President event at Friends and Family Weekend.